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Keeping Folsom Free of Concrete Dust

Since 1880, Folsom Prison has been a landmark of Folsom and California. Just as the main purpose of Folsom Prison is to incarcerate criminals, one goal of epoxy coatings is to protect you from another Enemy of the People — concrete dust! For this sort of service, you don’t call on the Correctional System; you talk to the experts at West Coast Epoxy!

Just the Facts on Concrete Dust

Although concrete floors last a long time, they don’t last forever. Eventually, time and wear decompose the structure of concrete. Although a durable solid, the concrete’s porous structure does allow tiny particles to break free and become dust. With nothing in place to restrain the dust, it wafts up into your air zone. Prolonged exposure can lead to breathing complications and lung damage. Along with time, other factors help that create concrete dust include:

  • Excessive pressure or vibration
  • Heavy traffic from feet, tires, or other sources
  • Poorly cured or finished concrete floors
  • Exposure to carbon dioxide
  • Contact with corrosive acids
  • Chemical spills
  • Cracks and shifts in the foundation

Gradually, these factors deteriorate your concrete floor, ultimately creating dust particles. As time goes on, the amount of released dust increases, and so does the danger to your health.

Incarcerating Concrete Dust

Like inmates behind bars and doors, concrete dust is contained by epoxy coatings. Epoxy adds a protective barrier over your concrete. Even if dust eventually forms, it cannot escape to cause damage. The flexible nature of the epoxy redistributes impact energy over a wider surface, so heavy traffic or vibrations have less effect on the underlying concrete layer. Chemicals and acids cannot get through, so they cannot break down the concrete. And with no seams in epoxy flooring, there aren’t any weak spots for concrete dust to exploit. Dust gets a life sentence under an epoxy coating!

Whether you’re looking for greater protection from concrete dust or the peace of mind knowing your floor will last even longer, West Coast Epoxy can help keep concrete dust from ever escaping. Ask for a free consultation by filling out our request form online or give our office a call for more information.

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