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Get Ready for Winter with Quality Epoxy Coatings

Three maple leaves in vibrant shades of orange and red appear suspended in mid-air against a blurred background of a forest in autumn. The ground is carpeted with fallen leaves, bathed in the warm, golden light of the season, creating a serene and picturesque scene typical of fall.

The Pacific Ocean exerts considerable influence on winter months in California. For the last few years, an oceanic phenomenon called La Niña has dominated the Pacific, generally bringing higher atmospheric pressure to the Sacramento Valley. The result is warmer temperatures and drier conditions for winter months in the region. But what does that have to do with epoxy coatings?

Epoxy coatings protect your concrete from spills, accidents, stains, chemicals, and even extreme temperature changes. Since the California winter months are likely to be drier and warmer, it’s the perfect opportunity to have West Coast Epoxy install protective coatings, so your concrete is ready when wetter weather arrives.

Common Winter Concrete Issues

While there are many different issues that show up during this season, let’s cover three typical winter irritations that epoxy coatings help reduce.

  • Water – whether from the sky, a garden hose, or a trip to the beach, water finds its way to your concrete floors. While wet concrete can be slippery, epoxy coatings can be prepared with slip prevention in mind.
  • Mud – A foggy morning or misty day brings wet pavement, which easily transfers to cars and footwear. When combined with dirt, you get mud. Even after the day clears, boots and tires track mud onto your garage floor when you get home, resulting in spots. At higher elevations, road salt and defrosting agents keep the roads clear, but your car tracks those chemicals into your garage, creating stains. Epoxy coatings protect your concrete from issues like these, creating an impenetrable surface that is easy to clean.
  • Leaves – wet leaves seem to get everywhere! Once they’re on your concrete, tannins leach from the leaves and create leaf imprints that often stay on your concrete for good! Epoxy coatings resist tannins, so they cannot stain your garage floor or mudroom.

Winter Protection for Concrete

Of course, water, mud, leaves, and La Niña are not the only issues to deal with when you want to keep your home and garage clean from winter wonders. Thankfully, epoxy coatings from West Coast Epoxy are up to the task, protecting your concrete from cracks, oil and chemical spills, and many other challenges. What’s more, our custom design options means that your epoxy floor will look fantastic and even improve your home’s value!

Even though winter is here, there’s no need to wait on getting your epoxy floor in place. Give West Coast Epoxy a call or schedule a free consultation using our online form. We’ll help you keep your concrete floor bundled up and protected for the winter season!

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