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Avoid Crazing in Folsom

A close-up of a white, cracked paint surface creating an intricate pattern of lines and textures, indicative of crazing.

What is crazing? It’s not a new fad, although it sounds like it. Crazing is a common result from the concrete finishing process. It’s also called pattern cracking or shallow map cracking. If the water in a concrete mixture evaporates too quickly, the surface area shrinks at a rate faster than the rest of the mix. Once the concrete dries out, shallow cracks appear that are usually less than an eighth of an inch deep, spreading over the surface like a spider web. The cracks don’t endanger the structural integrity of the concrete – they are merely superficial. When looking at crazing, some people are reminded of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where cracks and flaws in a surface are highlighted with precious metals. Although some people like the look, others do not want crazing to appear on their home patio, basketball court, or pool area in Folsom.

How to Avoid Crazing

Places with low humidity might experience crazing when curing concrete. Folsom has a low humidity average – usually around 42% in the summer – so keeping an eye on a poured concrete slab as it sets is the best way to avoid these cracks from developing. Once these cracks appear, however, there’s really no way of removing them. At that point, the best option is to prepare the concrete for epoxy coatings, which seals in the cracks and covers them with the look you prefer. As part of that process, West Coast Epoxy grinds the surface of your concrete. This also reduces the extent of the crazing. Once the epoxy coatings spread over the remaining cracks, they seal them in and protect them from moisture or further damage, all while presenting the colors, textures, and pattens you decide upon.

Whether you like the look of crazing or not, installing epoxy coatings on your Folsom concrete is the best way to protect it. Epoxy coatings are also a wonderful way to express your artistic side. If you’d like to see a marbled granite formation on your concrete, no problem. You’d like it to match the color of your living room? Simple. You’d like a mirror finish, without any visible cracks? We can do that. Name your decorative vision, and West Coast Epoxy is ready to talk about making it come true.

The options for the final look of your epoxy flooring are practically endless. If you’d like inspiration, our gallery provides images of many finished projects in Folsom and the Sacramento area. To find out more, we are only a phone call away, or you can set up a free onsite consultation using the convenient form here on our website. Whether you like the look of crazing or not, West Coast Epoxy is the best choice for your concrete in Folsom.

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