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Epoxy Flooring Benefits Pharmaceutical Labs

Pharmaceutical labs in Folsom provide products and services with a distinct goal: to provide for the overall health of the individuals that use their supplies. And while the primary concern may be for customers, workers must also be protected. The level of health and safety required in a pharmaceutical lab is outlined by authorities like the Food and Drug Administration, along with other stipulations from Federal and State sources. The City of Folsom also has the right to set guidelines for companies, to make sure that their facilities are safe.

With these thoughts in mind, it is important to point out that an untreated concrete floor cannot be considered sterile. It’s filled with microscopic holes and crevices where liquids, powders, acids and solvents can accumulate and mix. The result eventually leads to slippery surfaces, contaminated floors, or corroded areas. Sometimes corrosion persists and spread to the point that the internal structure of a foundation might be in danger of cracks or settling.

Improve Health and Safety with Epoxy Coatings

Some facilities consider using tile over their concrete floors, but tile is not much better than untreated concrete. Although the tile itself is generally glazed and impervious, the grout in between tiles does have pores and must be sealed. Plus, heavy use invariably leads to cracks and gaps in the grout and deterioration of the sealant. Vinyl flooring is generally waterproof, but it does have limitations as far as durability. Fortunately, concrete can be a strong and sterile surface with simple treatments from California Custom Coatings, providing service in Folsom.

A thin layer of epoxy coating offers a seamless, resilient barrier that resists anything spilled on your floors. Liquids, acids and gases cannot breach the shield provided by epoxy coatings. Bacteria and microorganisms have no pores or cracks to hide in where concrete is sealed, resulting in easy sterilization of treated concrete floors.

With coving added, your corners and walls are protected as well, providing a lip to contain any spill and simplifying complete, thorough cleanup. Also, adding a traction finish reduces the possibility of slips and falls, improving the safety of your work environment. This option is very beneficial if there is any amount of slope on a floor or if employees commonly carry liquids or other heavy supplies.

Flooring for Folsom Pharmaceutical Facilities

With nearly a dozen pharmaceutical labs currently in the Folsom area, the opportunity for growth is strong. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to increase, more labs will undoubtedly be looking to Folsom because of its prime location and thriving community. Existing commercial properties can attract pharmaceutical labs and other industries by having their concrete floors already treated with the safety and security of epoxy coating. For a free consultation and quote, give our office a call or schedule an appointment using our online form.

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