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Differences Between Concrete Polishing and Epoxy Coating

When you contact West Coast Epoxy to protect your concrete floor in your home or business, you might be taken aback with how many options there are. In addition, people often ask about the difference between concrete polishing and epoxy coating. Let’s discuss these two products to help explain when one might be a better choice than the other for our clients in Roseville.

Concrete Polishing

When you choose concrete polishing, the changes made to your concrete floor are significant. Your floor still has a concrete look, but with an appealing sheen. After your concrete floor receives a grinding to smooth it out, concrete polishing adds a layer of protectants, making your floor waterproof, dustproof, and easier to clean. Shades of color can also be added to change the look of your floor.

However, the extent of protection from concrete polishing is limited — for instance, it’s not as resistant against heavy cuts, corrosive liquids or significant traffic. Still, concrete polishing is a common choice for warehouses, hospitals or businesses. For residential homes in Roseville, concrete polishing is also a typical choice for protecting garage floors, walkways and more. Some customers even use polished concrete for their interior décor.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are designed to not only take a heavier pounding, but to look fabulous while doing it. An epoxy coating is typically thicker and more durable than the topcoat used with concrete polishing. Epoxies provide much stronger protection from corrosive materials, spills, gouges and scrapes. With anti-slip protection added, epoxy coatings protect from slips and falls. The extent of the coating can even continue up the walls, providing a barrier if liquids run free (this option is called coved flooring). Although your concrete won’t show through, as with concrete polishing, you can add more color options to epoxy coatings.

Mechanical shops, chemical and industrial plants, and areas with heavy equipment benefit greatly from epoxy coatings. The unique anti-slip option and slightly flexible texture provides tremendous benefit to kitchens,  workout floors and more.

Which Option is Best for My Concrete?

Even with these explanations, you might have reservations about the best choice for your concrete floor. If you merely want a glossy look for your Roseville showroom, concrete polishing is likely the better choice. If you want to make sure your concrete floor stays unmarked regardless of the circumstances, then epoxy coating would serve you best.

Thankfully, our experienced agents thoroughly discuss your floor with you, identifying how your floor is used and how much protection you really need. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation online. We’re happy to meet you at your Roseville location at a time convenient for you.

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