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Amazing Coves in Folsom

Empty garage with a freshly coated blue and gray speckled epoxy floor with coves. The walls are painted light beige with several outlets and a hose bib visible. In the bottom right corner, two orange buckets and painting supplies suggest recent work on the floor. Natural light comes from a window on the right wall, and a small red item is hanging near the ceiling.

Folsom enjoys the benefits of waterways. Along with many streams, the American River flows along the city, allowing many people the pleasure of canoeing, kayaking, and other water recreations. In many areas along the river are coves, sheltered inlets of still water. Coves keep gentle water inside. West Coast Epoxy offers something similar for epoxy coatings. Coved flooring provides a restrictive barrier for your Folsom walls and floors, keeping water residue and crashing objects away from your walls.

Benefits of Floors with coves

Cleaning floors typically involves liquids, like cleaning solvents or rinse water. Restaurant kitchens, industrial floors, breweries, and such facilities often deal with liquids on their floors. Sometimes, the liquid spreads across the floor gets under the adjacent walls. Coved flooring provides a seamless extension of your epoxy coatings, so they follow the base of your walls and continue upward as much as eighteen inches. Like the lip of a dinner plate, coved floors keep any liquids from getting too far, corralled until you can clean them up. This protects walls from rot and mold.

Another benefit is protection from bangs, dents and scrapes. Many facilities use carts or pallet jacks that rarely have brakes, and often meet with walls aggressively. Coved epoxy flooring protects your walls against such collisions. It doesn’t chip or dent like paint or drywall, but helps to absorb impact and vibration, just like your epoxy flooring does when heavy equipment traverses it.

Lastly, coved floors look very professional, and West Coast Epoxy makes every coved floor aesthetically appealing. The colors, textures and patterns you choose for your epoxy coatings in Folsom continue with your coved flooring, adding a uniform appearance. If you’d like to modify the design so it blends with your wall patterns, that can be arranged. In any case, coved flooring from West Coast Epoxy adds significant protection, appearance, and peace of mind for you, your guests, and your workers. To find out more, give West Coast Epoxy a call or schedule a free consultation online.

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