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Coat It or Polish It?

West Coast Epoxy offers a wide variety of services and products to improve any concrete floor. Yet, some of these products seem very similar. For instance, many customers are unsure about the difference between concrete polishing and epoxy coatings. Is one better than the other? Let’s discuss these two procedures and how they differ.

Concrete Polishing Explained

When you want a concrete floor to keep its “natural” look, but with improved protection and finish, concrete polishing is the preferred choice. After several passes of grinding to smooth out your concrete, we apply sealers that fuse to the upper layer of concrete, providing a level surface that shines with whatever color you choose. This allows the “grain” of the concrete to shine through, if you desire. It’s also now easier to clean and maintain due to its smooth surface.

Because concrete polishing is not as thick as epoxy coating, nor as resistant to heavy cuts or corrosive liquids, it’s usually not recommended for industrial or shop floors. However, it is very common for warehouse, hospital, business and restaurant floors. Concrete polishing offers a reflective quality that also works well in residential and showroom areas.

Epoxy Coating Explained

When you need a floor that’s thick, resilient, with a little extra give or grip, then installing an epoxy coating over your concrete floor is your best choice. Epoxy coating protects the concrete underneath from stains due to liquids and chemicals, gouges and scrapes from dropped items, and can even offer fall prevention. An option called coved flooring continues your seamless epoxy floor up the walls as much as eighteen inches or more, providing a barrier if your floor gets frequent spills or sees a lot of moisture during cleaning. Epoxy coating covers over the look of concrete, but a varied assortment of color chips, granules and texture combinations provide tremendous customization options.

Epoxy’s durability works well in places with oils and heavy equipment, like mechanical shops. Epoxy coating is the preferred choice for industrial manufacturing floors, workshops, restaurant kitchens, and garage floors. Either option, polishing or epoxy, allows customized patterns, distinctly colored areas and numbering or logos.

The Choice Is Yours

Realistically, determining if one option is better than the other depends on your individual floor, as well as your intent. Therefore, you likely still have some questions as to which option is best for your needs. Our knowledgeable staff at West Coast Epoxy is happy to discuss how to make your concrete floor the best it can be! Please give us a call, or use our contact request to schedule an appointment. We get back to all requests quickly and meet at a time convenient for you.

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