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Improved Concrete Floors in Roseville

In 1998, the electronics manufacturer NEC expanded their Roseville location to 600,000 square feet, nearly all of it built on concrete. 1997 saw the opening of the Sutter Roseville Medical center with 315,000 square feet of concrete, and 1998 brought Kaiser Permanente’s hospital facility to Roseville, sitting on 225,000 square feet of concrete. These are only three examples of the abundant concrete surface areas existing in Roseville. Many other medical companies, academic facilities, warehouses, and construction and repair facilities have made Roseville their home, with more continuing to arrive. Most of these companies look for large open areas to do their jobs or store their goods, and that inevitably means enormous concrete floors.

With large concrete floors, treating them with a sealant is important. Untreated concrete floors create concrete dust as heavy traffic and wear take their daily toll. Uncoated concrete is also prone to cracks, gouges, scrapes, and corrosion. Eventually, safety due to uneven or slippery floors can become an issue, and repairing large concrete floors is an expensive undertaking. Prevention through protection is the best way to minimize negative effects on busy businesses.

Protecting Concrete Floors in Roseville

Epoxy coatings provide adherent, resilient seals over large concrete floors and offer a very high level of customization. Epoxy also uses its semi-elastic properties to distribute impact stress over wide areas, dissipating the force of traffic and vibrations. It also offers a level of protection against gouges, chipping and scrapes if any product is dropped or dragged. Adding an anti-slip finish to where your employees do their work provides protection from slips and falls.

Another benefit to applying an epoxy coating over large concrete floors is protection against spills. As epoxy bonds to your concrete, it creates a barrier that liquids, gases, powders and even acids cannot penetrate. It also simplifies thorough cleanup, so your facility gains a higher level of sanitation and cleanliness. It even extends the lifespan of your floor, and thus your facility overall.

No Job Too Big

Granted, your business or facility in Roseville might not use thousands of square feet of concrete, but epoxy flooring still offers the same high level of protection regardless of surface area. Even if your Roseville floor is simply your home garage, epoxy flooring keeps you and your property safer and more sanitary. Whether your concrete floor in Roseville is large or small, an epoxy coating gives it an enhanced level of protection by providing a sealed barrier against corrosion, spills and other accidents. Please give West Coast Epoxy a call or schedule a free consultation here on our website. We’ll discuss your goals, analyze your floor, and work with you to make sure your concrete will last a long time!

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