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Concrete Dust at Large

When airborne dust articles or allergens meet with your eyes, nose and mouth, they lead to irritated and itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, and other symptoms. Many people find these reactions anywhere from bothersome to debilitating. Whether it’s happening to them personally or someone around them, others get so annoyed that they call it disturbance of the peace!

Some of the criminals creating this disturbance are allergens. But there is another felon specializing in such trouble: concrete dust. Concrete dust is usually imprisoned in your concrete floor, but if the floor is left untreated, the dust eventually escapes with wear and use. Concrete dust is potentially more than just an irritation; prolonged exposure can be dangerous to your lungs. That’s why it’s important to keep this dust “incarcerated.”

Aiding and Abetting Concrete Dust

But concrete floors are hard, durable, and supposed to last a long time, right? Well, as time goes on, the concrete eventually decomposes. As it does, its porous structure allows for tiny pieces to break off and become dust. What’s more, other factors help the dust escape.

  • A poorly cured or finished floor
  • Traffic – whether foot, tire or other means
  • Extensive pressure or vibration
  • High amounts of carbon dioxide, such as from engine exhaust or heaters
  • Chemical exposure
  • Corrosive or abrasive materials
  • Concrete cracks that rub against each other

Things like these might not immediately cause heavy amounts of dust, but they are just enough to eventually break dust free, affecting sensitive individuals.

Bringing in Concrete Reinforcements

Many prisons use a wall to keep the criminals in. That’s one of the things epoxy flooring does for your concrete floor – it creates a protective barrier so the dust can no longer escape, sealing it underneath. Epoxy adds protection from the surface, so pressure and traffic hardly affect the concrete. Epoxy flooring has no pores or seams, so exhaust and corrosive materials cannot get through. This makes it a choice product for garages, industrial work floors or warehouses. Epoxy flooring can even shore up the defenses of a poorly finished floor, ensuring that any dust that would form below cannot get to you above.

West Coast Epoxy offers a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns and styles. That way, your epoxy floor not only keeps you safe, but looks fantastic while doing it. Since epoxy floors last so long, even time will not be able to set concrete dust free. So whether you want a heavier defense or merely the satisfaction of strengthening what you have, concrete flooring from West Coast Epoxy helps you breathe easier knowing concrete dust is locked up for good. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

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