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Roseville Concrete Reflections

One of the amazing things about the Galleria at Roseville is that it’s bright. Day or night, there’s plenty of brilliance to light your way. Much of the light is natural, coming from skylights and windows. During the night, however, the color scheme and flooring help to keep enough light so you can easily find what you’re shopping for. Now, it’s possible you’d like a similar result in your home, office or shop, but all those white walls and linoleum tiles just don’t do it for you.

You’ll be happy to know that you can get the same amount of brilliance – even more so – without resorting to a white décor and tiles. If you have a concrete floor, West Coast Epoxy helps create that reflective brilliance by adding a gloss finish to your floor. Not only that, but we can customize the level of reflection. Whether you want a gentle, professional look like a hotel lobby or a sharp, mirror-like finish often used in high-end business or display rooms, we can meet your needs.

Grind Before Gloss

One of the first things we do when preparing your concrete floor is grinding it down a few millimeters. Although a concrete floor is flat and relatively smooth, on a microscopic level it is full of nooks and crannies, holes and ledges. With each grinding pass, more and more of those rough edges are taken away, allowing for a greater level of reflection. We smooth your floor just the right amount to achieve your preferred look. The first grinding pass leads to a satin finish. More passes smooth out your concrete even more, allowing for higher gloss finishes. We can also use a finer grinding pad, resulting in high gloss or even ultra-high gloss.

Because of these available levels of gloss, it’s important to “grind” your options by considering which level of gloss best suits your home or business. A gloss finish will help to reflect light and give your office or foyer an exquisite sheen. An ultra-high gloss finish is very close to being a mirror – which means, it can reflect the underside of items on the floor for visitors to see. Though this might be nice for cars or other collector’s items on display, it might not be the best option for things like dance floors.

Shedding Light on the Issue

Regardless of your chosen gloss level, adding such a finish to your concrete floor provides elegance as well as reflecting available light. As a result, you are brightening your room and adding sophistication at the same time! If you’d like some examples of different gloss finishes, take a look at our gallery. You can also call us or schedule a free consultation online for the Roseville area and beyond. Let’s find the best ways to enhance the lighting of your home or business while drastically improving the look of your concrete floor.

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