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Concrete Floor Resurfacing

Close-up of a jagged crack running through a textured grey concrete foundation, indicating structural damage or wear.

Concrete flooring is inherently strong and durable. If not maintained, however, concrete can develop cracks, scratches, pits, and stains. Even well-maintained foundations are damaged by settling soil underneath them. The good news is that concrete refinishing makes tired and old concrete look new again! In fact, concrete resurfacing can even make your concrete look better than ever!

How Concrete Resurfacing Works

Concrete resurfacing, also known as a concrete overlay, adds a new layer of concrete to an existing concrete surface. Overlay thickness varies based on the condition of the existing concrete and the demands placed on the concrete. A thin overlay is less than 1 inch thick, but high traffic areas are thicker than one inch.

Overlay materials are a combination of cement, sand, and polymers, mixed in a proportion that offers the best possible result. West Coast Epoxy brings significant experience to the process of resurfacing concrete flooring. You can therefore trust that our planning and execution will meet your expectations for quality concrete renovation.

Considerations With Concrete Overlays

The first thing that we consider when estimating a new overlay project is the existing concrete condition. Are there any structural issues that need to be addressed first? Do cracks and stains go deep below the surface of the concrete? Is any unsightly damage just surface level and easily rectified? Our assessment helps us determine the type and amount of overlay necessary to resurface the old concrete.

We also consider the purpose of the area that needs resurfacing. High-traffic areas require special treatment to guarantee a durable renovation. Our goal is a revitalized concrete floor that is both beautiful and long-lasting!

Revive Your Concrete!

There is no need to work with ugly concrete! The many design options and material possibilities offered by West Coast Epoxy offer concrete resurfacing and overlays that revive your floor and give it new purpose. After the new layer of concrete cures completely, we can also add beautiful colors, textures, designs, and glossy topcoats, all to create eye-catching surfaces that everyone will enjoy! Contact West Coast Epoxy today to begin planning your concrete renovation plan!

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