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The Right Time to Apply Epoxy Coatings to New Concrete

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Roseville, along with the broader Sacramento region, is witnessing a resurgence in the construction industry. Everywhere you look, there’s new construction happening – new homes, business complexes, office buildings, freeway improvements, and many other structures. For most of these projects, a crucial consideration is the choice of flooring. More people in Roseville are opting for concrete floors with epoxy coatings – thanks to their durability, aesthetics, and low maintenance. But epoxy coatings are not a simple “slap on and walk away” application. The concrete needs to be prepared correctly. As a result, it’s important to avoid putting epoxy coatings on fresh or green concrete.

Understanding New Concrete

When we talk about green concrete, we’re not referring to its color. Green is industry jargon for freshly poured, curing concrete. After being laid down, concrete goes through a curing process that allows it to gain its ultimate strength. This process involves the evaporation of water from the concrete mix, which is necessary to let the concrete harden and achieve the desired level of resilience. The standard curing time for green concrete is about 28 days. In each case, this standard fluctuates due to various environmental factors like the temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight, and the specific components used in the concrete mixture.

Why the Wait?

To understand why it’s essential to wait before applying an epoxy coating, let’s use the analogy of icing a cake. You wouldn’t want to frost a freshly baked cake that’s still warm from the oven. The cake’s surface is too unstable at this stage to support the icing, and you’d end up with a melted, sloppy, unappetizing mess. Similarly, when it comes to applying an epoxy coating to green concrete, timing is everything. If the epoxy gets applied too early, before the concrete has sufficiently cured, you end up with an unsatisfactory result, such as flaking, cracking, peeling, or bubbled epoxy.

Testing the Readiness of Concrete

Given the importance of timing, how can you tell when your new concrete is ready for that beautiful epoxy coating? West Coast Epoxy can help with that. We perform several tests to determine if your concrete is sufficiently dry and has achieved the optimal level of hardness to receive an epoxy coating. These tests typically assess the moisture content of the concrete, a critical factor for ensuring a successful epoxy application.

Plan Your Perfect Floor

The curing period provides an ideal opportunity to plan the look of your new floor. West Coast Epoxy helps you explore a wide range of options for your epoxy coating. Whether you’re interested in a textured feel, a specific pattern, a marbled effect, or informational striping, we make it happen. If you want a green epoxy floor over your concrete, no problem – we’re happy to show you loads of options. Consulting with our team during the waiting period allows you to carefully consider your choices, ask questions, and benefit from our expert advice.

Are you ready to discuss the epoxy coating options for your new construction or renovation project in Roseville? Don’t hesitate to reach out to West Coast Epoxy. We’re just a phone call away. Or if you prefer, you can schedule an onsite consultation with our online form. We’re committed to ensuring you get a stunning, long-lasting epoxy floor in Roseville – one that’s not just a functional necessity, but a beautiful addition to your space.

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