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The Best Epoxy for Roseville

A paint roller with a blue handle being used to apply white epoxy paint on a concrete floor, leaving a wet paint trail and depicting a home improvement project in progress.

The Roseville area enjoys diversity in business, architecture, entertainment, culture, and opportunity. You can enjoy historic settings, modern efficiency, or artistic expression. But even in its diversity, there are still common traits in aspects of Roseville life. One of those traits is quality. Our clients in Roseville seldom compromise quality for the sake of expense. Old buildings stand the test of time, and new buildings meet industry standards and city codes. Roseville residents therefore shy away from using epoxy paint in their projects. The quality of epoxy paints, compared to epoxy coatings, does not reach what West Coast Epoxy calls “quality.” But what is the difference between an epoxy coating and mere epoxy paint?

Comparing Epoxy Paint and Coatings

Epoxy paint is basically an oil-based paint with epoxy added to it. The added epoxy allows the paint to adhere to surfaces better and provides a little more durability and resistance to weather. It comes in a variety of colors, just like regular paint. It’s easier to apply than a true epoxy coating and is less expensive. But it’s still paint. It cannot withstand much wear and tear, whether it be from foot or car traffic. Epoxy paint might be a viable option for walls, but it’s a cheap coating for concrete, patios and walkways.

Epoxy coatings are much thicker, more durable, and significantly better at protecting your concrete than epoxy paints. Epoxy coatings provide a resilient surface that resists ultraviolet light, gouges, scrapes and chips. It seals over your concrete with a barrier that can also be designed to protect from slips and falls. Epoxy coatings also allows you to express yourself with colors and patterns created by a nearly endless combination of flakes, micas, granules and textures.

Epoxy paint is perhaps less expensive than epoxy coating, and many people can apply it themselves almost as easily as regular paint. But it is also prone to chipping and flaking off the concrete surface, as well as fading in sunlight. On the other hand, epoxy coatings are designed to take a pounding — and look great doing it — for a lifetime. They take a bit more effort to install, but they are also a project that is “one and done.”

DIY — Delegate It Yourself

Applying an epoxy coating takes more time, effort, skill and experience than smearing on a can of epoxy paint. Because of this, it’s extremely rare that a person might try to apply an epoxy coating by themselves. Thankfully, you don’t have to in Roseville. West Coast Epoxy has the expertise, skill, experience, and resources to seal and protect your concrete floor. Save yourself time and effort by using a new type of DIY process — Delegate It Yourself.

If you’d like more information, we’re glad to take your call and answer all of your questions. For an assessment on location, please schedule a free consultation here on our website. With West Coast Epoxy, you can keep Roseville quality at its highest with the best epoxy choices available.

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