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Roseville Radiant Heating and Epoxy Coatings

Close-up view of a red underfloor heating installation. The system comprises a network of red pipes arranged in a serpentine pattern over a mesh reinforcement layer on a concrete floor, indicating the preparatory phase of underfloor heating before the final flooring is laid.

Roseville is not known for freezing temperatures in the winter, but it often gets cold enough to keep your toes cold. Once your feet touch a chilly floor surface, it makes you wish you were back in bed! It’s like a reflex! But the day still needs to start, so we force our feet to face the discomfort and either wear slippers or turn up the thermostat a notch. But a recent trend is becoming more popular: radiant floor heating. Using liquid-filled tubes or electrical wiring as a source, a network of coils under the floor produce heat, warming the floor so your feet have no issues getting out of bed.

Another growing trend is epoxy coatings in Roseville for bedroom and bathroom floors. With epoxy coatings, your floor is protected from pets and people. You get a customized look for your floor while making it much easier to maintain than carpet or tiles. If you’re going to install radiant heating for your bedroom, bathroom, garage, driveway, or other area of your home, it provides the perfect opportunity to install epoxy coatings as well. Is there anything to be concerned about when it comes to epoxy coatings and radiant heating for your floors?

Steps for Using Epoxy Coatings with Radiant Heating

Installing epoxy coatings over a radiant heating system for your floor is often looked upon as the preferred option in Roseville. Unlike hardwood or tile, you don’t have to worry about flexing due to changes in floor temperature. Unlike carpet, you don’t have to worry about an epoxy floor getting dried out or crusty from repeated heating. Epoxy coatings are designed to take on direct sunlight in the summer, and they also withstand the temperature fluctuations that come with radiant heating.

Even so, when installing an epoxy floor over a radiant heating system, some measures are required. When installing your epoxy coatings, make sure the radiant heating system is deactivated for at least 4 days before the installation begins, and keep it deactivated for at least 7 days after the installation is completed. This makes sure the curing process of the epoxy coatings is not compromised by extra unnecessary heat. After that time, the heating system can be reactivated, but raise the temperature gradually – no more than 9° Fahrenheit (5° Celsius) per day. Taking these measures helps to ensure your epoxy floor cures properly, so you can enjoy it for decades to come. Similar issues may need attention if you are installing epoxy coatings over a radiant cooling system for your home.

West Coast Epoxy in Roseville is a great source of experience and skill when installing epoxy coatings over any type of radiant flooring system. If you are considering installing epoxy coatings in your home, feel free to give our office a call. Or if you prefer, schedule a free consultation using our online form here on our website. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you get prepared to use epoxy coatings with your radiant heating or cooling system for your home’s floor. Once your cold feet feel the warm, inviting temperatures of your epoxy floor, you will thank us!

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