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Rich Concrete Color Variety for Roseville

A fan deck of color swatches splayed out on a white wooden surface, showcasing an array of colors from vibrant hues to neutral tones, providing a visual selection tool for painting and design projects.

When you drive through Roseville or the surrounding areas, you might notice that nearly all cars are a single color. There’s a variety of colors, certainly, and sometimes you’ll see a car with stripes or trim highlights, but most vehicles are a single color. When you look at local homes and businesses, however, that color palate changes. You see vibrant styles of colors working together, giving your eyes a visual treat. Whether you use the Tower Theater on Vernon Street as an example, or a bird’s eye view of various residential locations, Roseville has many demonstrations of buildings that explore colors.
For your concrete, epoxy coatings are the perfect way to express your individual tastes. You can choose a color or a variety of colors that welcomes you every time you return home, or every time you wake up and walk into the kitchen. How can you select a good color combination of epoxy coatings for your concrete floor?

The Color Wheel and Epoxy Coatings

At West Coast Epoxy, we’ve been working with customized epoxy flooring for decades. We know how to make colors pop. One of the tools we use is called a color wheel. It’s a standardized tool that places major and minor shades of colors in a predetermined order around a circle. The color wheel then determines the shades of color combinations that work well together. Although there are different methods, most popular uses fall into three categories:

  • Complementary colors involve two colors that are positioned directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Examples include green and red, or blue and orange.
  • Analogous colors are next-door neighbors on the color wheel. For instance, analogous colors of green would include shades of teal (blue-green) and chartreuse (yellow-green). Such colors correspond to each other instead of complementing each other, but they still add a supportive depth to the color scheme when used with an artistic eye.
  • Triadic colors add a geometric measurement to the scheme. On the color wheel, triadic colors form an equilateral triangle or triad. Typically, the primary colors red, yellow, and blue form a triad, as do the secondary colors green, orange, and purple.

Using color flakes, micas, or granules, West Coast Epoxy in Roseville creates epoxy coatings that match your choice of complimentary, analogous, or triadic colors. We can even mix those colors in the epoxy to create a marbleized appearance. Ultimately, the only limit to the colors and customizations for your epoxy flooring in Roseville is your own imagination! Take a look at our gallery, then give us a call or use our online form to schedule your free onsite consultation. Let’s find out what color variety you’ll bring to Roseville with the help of West Coast Epoxy!

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