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Superior Protection for Pharmaceutical Labs in Roseville

If you do a web search for pharmaceutical labs in Roseville, it leads to over a dozen locations sprinkled throughout the area. Because of the prime real estate in Roseville, including its industrial and business parks, more labs will undoubtedly appear. Whether you operate an already-existing pharmaceutical lab or represent one that is joining our community, sanitation in your facility is paramount. It’s vital to make sure that all aspects of your operation meet the high standards that municipal, California and Federal laws require. That should include your concrete floors.

An untreated concrete slab is porous, with holes and crevices that capture liquids, powders, gases and particles. Over time, spills accumulate and even mix, causing hazards like slippery floors, corroded areas or weak points. For all pharmaceutical companies, these results are simply unacceptable.

Safety and Epoxy Coatings

West Coast Epoxy covers your floor with a layer of resin, creating a resilient coating to keep powders, liquids, particulates and other spills from ever reaching your concrete. Although we do offer concrete seals, those products do not offer the durability that epoxy coating provides for your floor, corners and walls. Epoxy coating stops the residue from spreading – even bacteria and microorganisms cannot get through, allowing for a more complete cleanup and thus a sanitized workplace. With additions like a traction finish for your epoxy floor, you not only have a cleaner environment but a safer one, reducing vulnerability to slips and falls.

With a free consultation from West Coast Epoxy, we can show what it would take to get your factory floors up to the highest standards of cleanliness. Likewise, any business already in the Roseville area looking to improve safety or sanitary levels in their facility is encouraged to give us a call or schedule an appointment online. We’re glad to show you how epoxy flooring can improve your workplace.

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