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Surprising “Milling” in Roseville?

A yellow measuring tape loosely coiled against a solid teal background, creating a contrast in color as well as a sense of the tape's flexibility and utility in measuring mils.

What kind of mill are we talking about? Cotton and cabinet mills are both in Northern California, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We actually want to discuss the mil, with only one “l”. This mil is a unit of measurement. Even though epoxy coatings are very durable and strong, they’re very thin. In fact, to measure the thickness of epoxy coatings, experts at West Coast Epoxy use measurement units that are mere fractions of inches, such as the mil.

How Thick is a Mil?

You might think we just shortened the term millimeter, which is one tenth of a centimeter. A mil, however, is not based on the metric system. It’s part of the English measurement system. A mil measures one thousandth of an inch (1,000 mils make up 1 inch). To put a mil into perspective, a common grocery bag is a little less than 2 mils. A credit card is typically 30 mils thick. Clearly, this is a tiny unit of measurement. Even so, it’s the best unit to measure the thickness of epoxy coatings.

When West Coast Epoxy applies epoxy coatings in Roseville, we customize the epoxy coatings’ thickness according to the customer’s decision. Since explaining the thickness by using mils may not mean much to our clients, here’s a general breakdown on what you can expect from different thicknesses of epoxy coatings.

  • Thin coats are 10-20 mils. This thickness is good for light traffic and concrete that doesn’t see much action.
  • Medium coats measure 40-80 mills. This is great for warehouses, storerooms, or places that will see heavy traffic or moderate wear and tear.
  • Heavy coats are 125-250 mils – that could be over 8 credit cards thick! If you need anti-corrosive flooring or industrial protection, like on a mill floor, this thickness is ideal.

West Coast Epoxy makes sure we understand what uses and functions your concrete floor in Roseville is likely to support. Thicker epoxy coatings take more time and material to install, so it’s important to match your thickness to your actual needs. To learn more about how many mils of epoxy coating your concrete floor needs, give our office a call or schedule a free consultation here on our website.

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