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Making Your Unique Colors Work Together in Folsom

An expansive color swatch fan spread out to display a gradient of colors ranging from greens, yellows, and browns to oranges, reds, pinks, and blues. Each swatch is marked with a square indicating the specific shade, providing a comprehensive palette for design and color selection purposes.

For West Coast Epoxy, any of our epoxy coatings increase the durability and reliability of concrete. Like all of our customers, people in Folsom want their epoxy floors to look great and to go well with their current décor. They want their color scheme to be inviting or appealing. West Coast Epoxy understands that. Many businesses in Folsom use color scheme techniques with their interior decorating, and we can use it with your epoxy coatings as well.

One of the tools to do this is the color wheel, which arranges major shades of colors in a circular pattern. This tool helps us to define colors and their relationships with one another. It allows us to identify what color combinations work together. Most combinations fit into categories. Let’s discuss three of them.

Complimentary Colors

Find the color or your choice on the color wheel. Most wheels have a guide or covering with specially positioned holes that isolate the corresponding color or shade. Using the wheel, find the color directly across the wheel from your chosen color. This is the complementary color to your chosen one. Such pairings are typically high in contrast and boldness. While they appear to be opposites, they brighten and strengthen each other, complementing each other.

Analogous Colors

Again, select a color on the color wheel. Then look at the two colors on either side of your chosen color – its next-door neighbors, if you will. These three colors are analogous to each other. Instead of emboldening each other, these colors correspond to each other. The result is a color scheme that’s subtle and harmonious.

Triadic Colors

A triadic color scheme uses the corners of an equilateral triangle placed within the color wheel to identify three equally-spaced colors. These three colors form a triad with each other, offering greater color variety. As an example, the primary colors of yellow, red, and blue typically form a triad on any color wheel, meaning the corners of an equilateral triangle will point to them. Twisting the triangle clockwise or counterclockwise along the wheel aligns three different colors. These new colors also form a triad with each other.

Color Schemes Don’t End There

Using two or three colors to complement your living or business area can add vibrance to your surroundings. With West Coast Epoxy coatings in Folsom, you can use multiple design options to upgrade your room with concrete coatings. We offer color flakes, micas, and granules that can be added into your epoxy. You can even add a personal logo or other design to make your epoxy floors truly unique! To help discover the best combination of colors for your epoxy floors, call our office at (916) 531-1874 or schedule a free onsite consultation online. Let’s see what color combinations will make your epoxy floors some of the best in Folsom!

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