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Expanding the Range of Epoxy Flooring in Your Home

You might walk into your friend’s garage and easily note the clean lines of his epoxy floor, the strong grip as you walk across it, and the speckled color flakes residing under the surface. You appreciate the perfection of the finish, and admire its obvious durability. You might say to yourself, “I sure do love this floor, but I don’t think it would work in my living room.”

Well, don’t be so sure. More and more individuals are installing epoxy flooring, not just in their garages, but also in their bathrooms, kitchens, and yes, even their living rooms. Any concrete floor in your home is a likely candidate for epoxy flooring. One main reason people are turning to epoxy flooring (or polished concrete) is because it doesn’t have to look like their garage. In fact, it can look even better!

For example, an article in Architectural Digest featured the recent decision of James Saavedra to install epoxy flooring. The finished result — which only took a week to complete — was sleek, protective, and reflective. It increased the lighting in his home and provided plenty of fun when sliding around in socks (of course, if you would prefer a non-slip option, it’s available from West Coast Epoxy).

Another feature that really makes epoxy flooring a serious interior design option is the wide assortment of styles. Different colors, textures, patterns and accents are available, with the option to mix and match combinations of these features, making the possibilities nearly endless. Add to that the sturdy, resilient protection of epoxy flooring, and it might make you want to trade in your carpets or wood floors.

For many people, seeing is believing, so we encourage you to peruse our gallery. After that, open a search engine and type “images of homes with epoxy flooring”. The results should amaze you. When you are finished, give us a call or schedule a free consultation here on our website. We are happy to help home and business owners in Sacramento with epoxy flooring beyond the garage.

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