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Epoxy Flooring and Pharmaceutical Labs

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) holds all pharmaceutical labs to a high set of standards, since their products directly affect millions of American lives. Considering this, pharmaceutical labs maintain a stronger vigilance towards cleanliness than facilities in many other industries.

If you operate a pharmaceutical lab, it is important to remember that porous flooring, like concrete, makes maintenance more difficult. The holes and crevices in concrete, for example, effectively trap liquids, gases and particles from spills or accidents. As these materials accumulate in untreated concrete, slippery floors or corroded areas are often the result. Both of these problems lead to hazards that endanger health and safety.

Epoxy Coatings for a Safer Workplace

Fortunately, epoxy flooring from West Coast Epoxy uses a thin layer of resin to create a barrier, sealing off a concrete floor with a durable, liquid-resistant coating that can even protect corners and walls. Our coatings allow for spills to be cleaned up without the worry of stains or residue being left behind. Since epoxy flooring seals the floor, bacteria and microorganisms lose the ability to hide in the pores and imperfections of concrete, thereby increasing overall sanitation levels. West Coast Epoxy also offers a non-slip finish, significantly reducing risks from moist environments or liquid spills. The result is a much safer, cleaner environment, leading to a better product.

For pharmaceutical labs in Central and Northern California, West Coast Epoxy is happy to create a clean and sterile workplace by installing durable epoxy coatings on bare concrete floors. Please contact us online or call our office to receive a free consultation and quote.

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