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Beautiful Epoxy Floor Design

A collaborative workspace with two individuals working at a wooden table, surrounded by various items including notebooks, a mobile phone, pens, and coffee mugs. The word 'CUSTOMIZE' is prominently displayed across the center of the image, superimposed with graphic elements such as circles and lines suggesting a process of customization or editing epoxy options.

Bring Design Mastery to Your Living Spaces

At West Coast Epoxy, serving the dynamic community of Roseville, we understand that the final touch in epoxy flooring – the topcoat – is crucial for showcasing the true beauty of your floor. Our commitment to topcoat clarity ensures that every epoxy floor we install is not just protected but also visually stunning.

Ensuring Perfect Clarity

The key to achieving the perfect topcoat lies in the Gardner Scale, a method developed in the 1950s by Dr. Henry Gardner. This scale, ranging from pale yellow to deep amber, is our guide to measuring the transparency of our topcoats with precision. Whether you desire a topcoat that radiates a soft glow or one that is crystal-clear, we tailor it to your exact specifications, ensuring your epoxy floor in Roseville reflects your style and needs.

Customized Topcoat Options

Our clients often have specific visions for their floors – from a sandy beach theme to a stained-glass effect. Using the Gardner Scale, we fine-tune the topcoat’s transparency to enhance these designs, ensuring the final product is not just a floor, but a piece of art. For those who prefer the natural beauty of the colors and patterns beneath, a crystal-clear topcoat is the popular choice. It allows the vibrant hues and intricate designs made from micas, granules, and flakes to shine through unaltered. For others, a slight adjustment in transparency adds a unique character to the floor, enriching its overall appeal.

Why Choose West Coast Epoxy?

  • Expertise and Precision – our experience with precise color and clarity means that we consistently apply all of our epoxy floor topcoats with the utmost care, ensuring quality and satisfaction.
  • Customization – every floor is a canvas, and we offer a wide array of designs and finishes to match your imagination. Our topcoats seal in your creative expression, making sure it will last for decades.
  • Durability and aesthetics – our topcoats don’t just protect. They enhance your space, whether your floor supports your business use, personal use, or a combination of the two. Our topcoats ensure that your floor remains a centerpiece for years to come!

Transform Your Space

In Roseville, where every detail counts, trust West Coast Epoxy to deliver an epoxy flooring experience that goes beyond the ordinary. From choosing the right color palette to the perfect level of topcoat clarity, we are here to bring your vision to life. Are you ready to redefine your space with a floor that perfectly balances beauty and functionality? Contact West Coast Epoxy for a free consultation and take the first step towards a flooring solution that truly reflects your personal tastes!

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