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Epoxy Benefits Bigger Floors

West Coast Epoxy enlivens epoxy flooring in Sacramento with color, flakes, granules, textures and combinations, plus a gleaming finish that reflects professionalism. Yet, what about concrete floors that are rarely seen by outsiders, but are under constant use? For example, we’re talking about warehouses, and shipping or manufacturing floors. Can epoxy finishes benefit places like these that seldom see guests or clients?

Epoxy Goes Beyond Aesthetics

Beyond the great look, epoxy flooring is resilient. It takes a lot of pounding! Epoxy molecules stick together with cohesion, while retaining flexibility. This allows epoxy to distribute impact stress over a wide surface area, dissipating the force. Even a thin layer helps the concrete to absorb impacts and vibrations from feet or tires. It provides a buffer if something falls from shelves, and epoxy flooring resists gouging and chipping.

With an anti-slip finish, work shoes or bare feet still get a firm grip if water or other liquids spill across the floor. If you work with oils or run a brewery, textured epoxy flooring reduces slips and falls — and the costly ramifications of such accidents. If your floor has a slope, an anti-slip finish becomes vital for safety. At the same time, an anti-slip finish won’t diminish the look or protection your epoxy floor provides.

Epoxy flooring also guards your property investment. As it adheres flawlessly to your concrete, the protection from epoxy flooring increases the lifetime of your concrete floor, guarding against deterioration and wear. Epoxy flooring improves the safety, performance, and longevity of concrete.

Of course, epoxy flooring from West Coast Epoxy has many more applications than extensive warehouses. We can add it to your home garage in the colors of your favorite sports team, or customize the walkway leading to your front door. Please visit our gallery for more inspiring examples, and then give us a call or schedule an appointment online for a free consultation.

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