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Concrete Protection: Alcoholic Beverages

One of the greatest benefits of the economic upswing in the United States is the rise of microbreweries and their primary product — beer! Alongside that industrial increase, there’s also a greater interest in homebrewing. Ask your friends and coworkers, and odds are that at least one of them makes their own brew. From pints of bitter to jugs of mead to glasses of hard cider, articles and Internet videos explain the way to homemade alcoholic refreshments. And if homebrewing is not your hobby, microbreweries are almost in every neighborhood, offering a place to enjoy local brews with your closest friends.

Whether it’s in a garage, basement, warehouse, or other facility, brewing equipment is invariably stationed on a concrete floor, and rightly so. Concrete floors offer a reliable, sturdy foundation. And with brewing, although the goal is to not spill any, beer on the floor is a regular occurrence. Unfortunately, that does not bode well for unprotected concrete.

The Brewer’s Bane

The acidity of alcoholic beverages is dependent on the ingredients. Many different acids may come into play in order to acquire the desired flavor, body and texture of a beer style. Others are unintended consequences of brewing faults. Such acids include:

  • Lactic
  • Citric
  • Acetic
  • Malic
  • Pyruvic
  • Fumaric
  • Succinic
  • Formic
  • Phosphoric
  • Caprylic
  • Butyric

This list is by no means exhaustive. Other acids are commonly used to sanitize the equipment or treat the water used for brewing. Therefore, brewing creates quite a potential for the corrosion of concrete floors via the acids in the liquid.

Avoid alcohol Concrete Corrosion!

Since concrete is porous, it’s vital for any brewing venture to protect their floor from long-term damage by putting a barrier in place. The best concrete coatings available provide protection and make for easy cleanup. Fortunately, West Coast Epoxy offers such concrete sealers that resist corrosive acids. We can add an anti-slip finish to protect employees against falls, and even adjust the colors and pattern to match your preference.

If you are considering brewing, at home or as a business, give West Coast Epoxy a call, or schedule an appointment online. Let us take an experienced look at the condition of your floor, as well as where and how you’ll be setting up your equipment. We’ll go over all the options with you and custom-design a coating to fit your operation. Let’s make sure your brewing achievements are properly supported with quality concrete and coatings!

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