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Concrete Floor Solutions for Northern California

Concrete floors are a common feature when it comes to garages for residential homes. For businesses, it’s common to see bare concrete in work areas, showrooms, commercial buildings, and the foundations of industrial buildings. Although that concrete can be left plain and exposed, Californian’s seldom settle for the status quo! We customize, we improve, and we stand out. That’s where West Coast Epoxy steps in, creating custom improvements to your concrete floor that reflect your business, your personality, or your pleasures.

In the Sacramento area, West Coast Epoxy offers any of our products and services for any size of project. Whether you want to stain and seal an entire warehouse floor or simply want epoxy coating on the stairs in front of your home, our team welcomes the opportunity.

Service in Outlying Areas

Travel across this great state takes its toll on both time and resources. The further outside of Sacramento County we get, the more the size of the project affects our decision to take it on. Smaller projects simply become economically unfeasible, limiting what we can offer. Even so, many of our outlying clients insist that the quality of our products and the efficiency of our high-end services are well worth it — especially when compared to their local competitors. That’s why we make sure to be up front and forthcoming with our estimates, addressing any questions or concerns you have about the project.

Beyond the Borders of Northern California

Word of mouth travels and our projects continue to be noticed, leading to requests throughout the West Coast. If the project is right, we cover great distances to make sure our customers get quality and great service for their custom concrete floors. Feel free to peruse our gallery for examples of our finished products from across the Golden State, and beyond.

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