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Dazzling Gloss in Roseville!

Perhaps you’ve considered enhancing your Roseville residence or business by adding an epoxy coating to your concrete floor. When it comes to the level of finish, you can choose from a number of different levels of gloss, from matte to shiny like a mirror. Indeed, there are several ways to bring gloss to Roseville with the help of West Coast Epoxy.

Leveling Out the gloss

The level of gloss is adjustable, so you can have a floor that reflects the eloquent light of Roseville without reflecting images. Think about paint — it comes in flat, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, high gloss, and even ultra-high gloss. It’s similar with epoxy floors. For the skilled technicians at West Coast Epoxy, it’s easy for us to adjust the level of gloss applied. There’s also a specialized tool to help us measure the level of gloss precisely.

A gloss meter shines a specified amount of light at a surface at one angle and measures the light reflected back at the opposite angle. The reflection is measured in Gloss Units (GU), based on industry standards. As a baseline, the GU measurement starts at 100 GU, which is the amount of reflection off a sheet of black glass. A perfectly matte surface, reflecting little to no light, indicates 0 GU. Here are the other levels of gloss in GUs.

  • 10 GU or less is considered Flat
  • 10-30 GU is listed as Low Gloss
  • 30-50 GU is a Satin Finish
  • 50-60 GU is a Semi-Gloss, or Semi-Polish
  • 60-70 GU is High Gloss, or High-Polished
  • 70-100 GU is Ultra-High Gloss

Getting levels of GU even higher than 100 is possible. One way to achieve this is with reflective mica flakes or metallic additions. But in many cases, a person looking for a GU over 100 is diving into the realm of reflecting images, not just light. That’s when we’re actually discussing a mirror finish added to the epoxy flooring.

You don’t have to let a high level of reflection hinder getting protection and elegance added to your concrete floor. If you simply want a flat, protective surface, no worries there. If you want something that will improve light in your foyer, add a semi-gloss epoxy coating. If you want to dazzle your guests as they arrive, put a ultra-high gloss epoxy finish on the concrete in your entryway. And if you want to show off the pipes under your custom automobile, put an epoxy coating with 120 GU’s on that garage floor!

If you’re still not sure, or have further questions, we’d be happy to provide you with further insight. Give West Coast Epoxy a call, or schedule a free consultation online. Let us give you a better understanding of gloss, so you can bring your personal style to Roseville!

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Wonderful explanation of GU! A part of me always wants the brightest, shiniest floor possible but most clients don’t. Explaining GU and offering photos of these floors can give clients a great idea of what the end result will be. The 120 GUs will certainly show off that car!

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