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Conquer Oil Stains with Epoxy Flooring

A dark oil stain on a concrete floor, shaped irregularly, suggesting a fluid leak near the front wheel of a vehicle, partially visible on the right. The texture of the floor and the shadow cast by the wheel suggest a garage or workshop environment. The exact nature of the fluid is unclear, possibly oil or another automotive fluid

The Battle Against Persistent Oil Stains

The charm of a well-organized garage, commercial floor, or manufacturing space can quickly fade away when oil stains come into play. For many in Folsom, California, and the surrounding Greater Sacramento area, these unwelcome marks can be an eyesore on their otherwise pristine concrete floors. Broken-down cardboard just won’t cut it, and a spread of kitty litter – specifically adjusted for oil or not – is typically unwelcome. If your vehicles are likely to drip oil or other fluids, then you’ll want something more robust to protect your concrete. That’s where epoxy coatings shine! But treating oil stains is not as straightforward as it might seem.

A common misconception is influenced by the old “sweep it under the rug” mindset. Many homeowners or do-it-yourselfers think that oil stains can simply be erased by grinding away the concrete surface or covering them with an epoxy coating, and “Voilà!” — problem solved. Unfortunately, the reality is a little more complicated. Especially for older oil stains that have infiltrated deep into the porous concrete, grinding alone won’t do the trick. So, how does West Coast Epoxy restore the glory of your garage or manufacturing space floor?

The Art of Removing and Neutralizing Oil Stains

For light stains, we employ the use of high-quality cleansers to remove them entirely. These cleansers break down the residual components of the stains. However, the deeper, more stubborn oil stains often require a better strategy. Here’s where the magic of chemistry comes into play.

The trouble with oil is this — it disrupts the bonding of epoxy coatings to concrete. If we can’t extract the oil from the concrete, we have to neutralize it. Recognizing the prevalence of oil in garages and manufacturing spaces, the epoxy industry crafted specialized primers tailored to form a bond with the existing oil. These primers block the oil from getting in the way between your concrete and the epoxy.

West Coast Epoxy applies a layer of this primer on your prepped concrete floor in Folsom. This primer clings to the oil, hindering any interference with the epoxy. Next, we apply the epoxy over the primer. The result is a solid bond between the epoxy and the surface of your concrete, providing a strong, durable, and attractive finish.

End the Oil Nightmare with West Coast Epoxy

At West Coast Epoxy, we pride ourselves on possessing the right tools, materials, and expertise to handle your oil-stained floors. Whether it’s for a garage, a commercial establishment, an industrial facility, or any other structure with a concrete surface, our epoxy flooring solutions offer a durable and visually appealing answer to your flooring needs.

Nevertheless, we understand that each client’s situation is unique, and our team is committed to providing tailored services to meet your individual needs. In addition to battling oil stains, we offer customizable options for your epoxy flooring, including a no-slip finish and coved flooring. You can also choose from a variety of colors and finishes using flakes, granules, micas, and metallics to ensure your floor is not just functional, but also perfectly matches your aesthetic preferences.

For many homes in Folsom and the greater Sacramento area, it’s a constant battle to avoid concrete oil stains. But with West Coast Epoxy, you have just what you need to conquer oil problems and improve your home at the same time. Reach out to West Coast Epoxy and let’s discuss how we can help make your flooring dreams a reality!

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