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Vincent Blake

I am going to save everyone a lot of time, hassle, and money if they are shopping around to have their floors epoxied. I wanted half of my garage epoxied to look like white marble because I was making it into a pool table room. I watched many videos on Youtube and was thinking about doing the job myself. I was about to buy the products until I talked to a friend that epoxied his garage himself. He had to do it TWICE because the first time there was a chemical reaction and it didn't come out right. So, I decided to shop around. It took me FOUR months to find West Coast Epoxy. I made the mistake by only searching in the Bay Area, figuring there was more competition, and more professionals. I was wrong. I interviewed four contractors. Only three came out to physically inspect the job. One contractor told me on the phone, "I don't have to come out, it is going to cost over $10,000". Two of the three contractors that inspected the job were professional painters. They became irritated when I was knowledgeable, and asked them questions about the procedure. One contractor even said, "I'm a professional painter. I can paint anything. If I can't, I can figure it out". The third contractor was a concrete specialist. He told me he wouldn't even attempt this job because he couldn't guarantee the final product. My mother, who lives in Vacaville, found Mark and West Coast Epoxy. I met with Mark at my mother's house, because she wanted her garage epoxied. Her job was more basic than a faux marble epoxy job, so her garage was going to be the test run. Mark was knowledgeable, confident, experienced, and answered every single question I had about epoxy floors. The workers were professional, considerate, knowledgeable, and brought every question, detail, and consideration to our attention. Now on to my pool table room. Awesome. Completely awesome results, beyond my expectation. Reasonably priced with the same professionalism and consideration, and genuine enthusiasm for a more difficult job. EVERYONE loves the pool table room. You don't need to shop around. You don't need to compare prices. There are a lot of hacks out there, and Mark (West Coast Epoxy) is definitely not one of them. He is one of the few people left that genuinely cares about his final product. The pricing is very reasonable, and the Peace of Mind is definitely worth every cent. I would recommend West Coast Epoxy, Mark and his Team anytime.