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Harry A.

I spoke with 4 companies about epoxy for my garage floor. Marc Ross from West Coast Epoxy of Roseville seemed far more experienced and knowledgeable than the others--and his price was lowest. He made a second trip so we could decide on colors. Friendly and fielded all my questions--a lot of them. One note: West Coast Epoxy did my small 2-can garage starting at 8:00 and were finished by 1:30. One of their competitors told me it was impossible to do the job in one day--that 2-3 days would be required to allow for cure times, etc. BUT when I passed this on to Marc Ross, he explained that he used different products and he uses accelerators to speed the curing. I went and looked at jobs he had done. The guy who said it couldn't be done in 1 day either knew better or should have known better. On July 12, Sean, his installer, arrived. Sean is an articulate, intelligent 24 year old--and obviously well trained to do his job. 1. He used big walk behind grinder to grind surface of old concrete. Then used a hand grinder (hands and knees) next to the walls where big grinder didn't reach. 2. Then vacuumed up about 1/2 inch of ground concrete. 3. Then applied primer and squeegeed it left and right and up and down until it was absolutely evenly distributed. 4 Then sprinkled 2-3 big bags of flakes--until I could hardly see the primer under the flakes. 5. After primer/flakes were cured a bit, he then sanded the flaked surface to take sharp tips off flakes and vacuumed again. 6. After lunch and some more cure time, applied the top coat of clear non-yellowing top coat. The floor was/is shining beautifully and Sean called my attention to the fact that looking across the shiny floor, you could see some low places--because my original floor was not level. I was impressed that it was something he wanted me to know right away. To have leveled my floor completely would have required way more grinding/filling/time/expense. I don't believe anyone will notice the low spots unless I show them. If I hose out the garage, I will have some low spots to squeegee or wait a while for them to dry. Sean put up with me and all my comments and question (I can be a real pain in the %#&). He thoroughly cleaned up before he left. If you want an epoxy garage floor, you should definitely talk to Marc Ross's West Coast Epoxy of Roseville.