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From swimming pool decks to professional kitchens, color granules are the finest choice for environments needing a textured floor. We also use color granules for coving systems if the walls need protection from moisture or bumps from traffic. Color granules provide roughness for anti-slip flooring, but do not ruin the inherent anti-microbial functions of epoxy, nor do they make it more difficult to maintain your floors. On the contrary, colored granules add a variety of benefits to any epoxy floor, including the following:

  • Noteworthy scuffing and chemical resistance.
  • UV stable.
  • Excellent for public, commercial, and industrial environments.
  • Many diameters for individualized textures.
  • Modifiable to complement any design.

West Coast Epoxy prides itself on making sure our clients are completely satisfied with their selection of granule color, size, and pattern. Consider the choices available for Livermore and Northern California here on our website, or request to see specific samples when we visit your location.
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